About Michelle Perron

Since 2001, Michelle Perron has specialized in medical professional liability insurance. Prior to 2001, Michelle worked as the administrator for Ob/Gyn and Audiology practices.

She was born with Tricuspid Atresia, a congenital heart disorder, and has been a life-long patient of Children’s Hospital Boston. Her sincere appreciation for health care is reflected in her strong desire to assist medical professionals.

At a time when health insurance reimbursements are low and medical malpractice costs continue to rise, Michelle works diligently to find the right coverage for the lowest possible premium. She has assisted many physicians and surgeons who were ready to close down their successful practices due to their inability to afford their outrageous medical malpractice premiums.

In addition to finding the right coverage at the right price, Michelle excels at client service. She takes pride in immediately responding to her clients’ needs and saving their valuable time whenever possible, including pre-filling lengthy insurance applications and obtaining documents required for insurance coverage submissions.

Dedicated, passionate and caring are just three words that describe Michelle.