Why You Need an Annual Insurance Assessment

Here is why it’s important to participate in an annual insurance assessment. We represent physicians and in New England and New York for whom we provide medical professional liability coverage. We are thoughtful and intentional in selecting our offerings so we can bring our clients the knowledge and experience they deserve. To save time, many insurance companies automatically renew coverage without giving consideration to any practice changes that may have occurred during the year. Although most policies require insureds to submit changes throughout the year, we realize remembering to do so is not on their priority list. With our full Annual Insurance Assessment service, they can be sure their practice receives our honest recommendations on what is best for them; not what is best for our wallet.

Here’s what you will receive in your own annual insurance assessment:


  • You will receive peace of mind knowing that you have or will receive optimal coverage for your specific practice needs.
  • You will receive a full Insurance Annual Assessment Report that contains the following:
    • Review of your current insurance company
    • Details about your current coverage, along with our commentary
    • Opinion whether your coverage is consistent with your needs, needs minor adjusting or needs an overhaul
    • Our recommendations for changes, if any


  • A solid conversation with you to fully understand you and your practice needs. Within this discussion, we will ask you questions regarding your specialty and training, services you provide, practice locations, staff, claims experience and your future goals.
  • A thorough review of your current policy, including all endorsements so that we may understand the coverage it provides and excludes
  • Through our discovery of what we’ve uncovered in Parts I and II, we will determine and provide the best approach for your coverage going forward.
  • Our report will be direct and honest and, if your current coverage fits your needs, we will tell you so. It will also provide details on our recommendations

We have opened up our schedule with limited number of time slots available to you for your own annual assessment.

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