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Why You Should Care About Patient Communication

Communication – My Story In my work in providing medical malpractice insurance, I send emails or letters that give instructions to doctors and practice managers on our renewal process. Often there are application forms, additional documents required, and payments that may need to be sent to various locations.   Unfortunately, when I receive information back, […]

Medical Malpractice Policy Comparison

Why Perform a Policy Comparison? Each year, physicians will either obtain new medical malpractice insurance coverage or renew their current policy. Sometimes it can be an easy renewal of the current coverage when a doctor is placed with a financially stable company that provides excellent coverage and pricing. Other times, however, physicians need to evaluate […]

6 Benefits of Using Social Media in Your Medical Practice

Implementing Social Media in the Medical Practice by Jennifer M. Joe, MD The other day, I had the pleasure of participating in the Massachusetts Medical Society Annual Physician Practice Resource Center (PPRC) talk. I intentionally attended because I was excited to hear Jennifer Joe, MD, speak on Implementing Social Media in the Medical Practice, a […]

How Premium Financing Increases Cash Flow

Premium Financing Introduction Most medical malpractice insurance companies require payment in full in order to bind coverage. Even though the premium amount may be small, physicians may want to spread payment of the premium over the calendar year. We are grateful to have found Jason McCarty, our representative with Premium Assignment Corporation. Premium financing through […]

How Reality TV Can Spark Passion In Your Practice

Passion for Your Practice There are so many businesses out there that exist only to go after the almighty dollar and you get the feeling that the world is full of greed. Well, I believe there is more to business than just that. As a business owner, it’s wonderful to see your client’s eyes light […]

What a Hidden Arbitration Clause Really Means

Arbitration Clause and Consent to Settle One of the best phrases to see in a Medical Malpractice insurance policy is “Consent to Settle”. This phrase suggests that your insurance company’s defense will seek your approval if a claim settlement is presented by the plaintiff. What if there are other terms in your policy that could change […]

3 Benefits of Healthcare Tweet Chats

  Do you have a diagnostic or treatment question and wish there were a place you could visit to find answers outside of your practice? Do you ever wonder what your diagnosis and treatment is like from your typical patient’s perspective?   How about reaching into the minds of other healthcare leaders on communication, patient safety, […]

5 Dental Malpractice Coverages That Will Make You Smile

Malpractice insurance coverage is a necessity for healthcare providers and dentists are no exception. In our experience, we have found that some dentists who come to us seeking coverage are somewhat lost and others even admit they don’t understand the current coverage they have in place. We understand that the quicker a dentist can cross […]

Risks and Rewards in a Risk Retention Group

Let’s just admit it, insurance is not fun. We know it’s especially difficult if you are a physician struggling to make ends meet in your practice. You may be faced with an unaffordable renewal premium or even a non-renewal notice from your current carrier. You may be wondering what your options are and hope that […]

Policy Conditions – Knowing These Will Keep You Covered

  Importance of Knowing Your Policy Conditions Did you know that your medical malpractice insurance coverage contains policy conditions that must be met in order to keep the policy in compliance?  Not knowing and not following through on these conditions can be detrimental to your coverage, including cancellation.   We are telling you this because […]