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Paid-Claims Policies . . . Pitfalls and Perils

Physicians may be attracted to a Paid-Claims medical professional liability policy type because of its lower initial price compared to Claims-Made or Occurrence policies. While they all have their differences, the Paid-Claims policy type is one that needs the most understanding before purchasing. Here is why: First, you need to examine the coverage trigger definitions […]

Morton’s Fork – Modern Medical Malpractice Thriller

Book Review by Michelle Perron and Chuck Sink – Morton’s Fork is a modern medical drama set in 2012 revolving around the life of Doctor Roger Hartley, an extremely hard-working and dedicated 46 year-old physician. Here is a man who sacrifices most of his waking hours, at the expense of his dear and precious family […]

What to Consider When Choosing Your Insurance Advisor

With insurance rates continually on the rise and increasingly complicated regulations, it can be one of a business’s biggest cost outlay and headache. Therefore it is critical to make sure you pick the right insurance professional to help guide you through this process and to be your ally and champion. Let’s say you are a […]