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Recently I participated as a guest presenter for a national sales training organization. During the presentation, we discussed customer engagement and the concept of GLUE Customer Experience – Giving Little Unexpected Extras. For my business, that means doing as much as possible for physicians to make obtaining medical malpractice insurance easier for them, such as pre-filling applications and being proactive in anticipating their needs.

GLUE Customer Experience

I thought about how GLUE Customer Experience can relate to physicians and their practices, especially given the new guidelines for meeting patient satisfaction scores. Here are some ideas that may help your patients be more compliant, appreciative of your care and remain loyal. Some actually come from my own personal experience as a congenital heart patient.

GLUE Customer Experience – The First Five Ideas

  1. Pedometer
  2. Pedometers don’t have to be expensive to be effective for the patient. Bonus: If you wear one yourself, showing patients you are tracking your steps will encourage and enforce how important it is for them to track and increase their steps every day. Give them a goal if you see fit.

  3. Health App
  4. Finding, recommending and demonstrating appropriate health apps can go a long way in helping patients become accountable in their efforts to get better. The IMS Health Institute prepared a report last October entitled, Patient Apps for Improved Healthcare -From Novelty to Mainstream, that provides a detail explanation of the increasing use of healthcare apps, including preparedness and entry to market barriers. The study also includes the analysis of the 40,000+ healthcare apps with an assessment of the potential value they provide to patients.

    As a congenital heart patient, I need to be cognizant and watch my sodium intake carefully. I recently started using MyFitnessPal because it allows me to customize nutrient limits, such as no more than 2000 mg of sodium per day, and goals as well as monitor diet and exercise.

  5. Nutrition Guide with Recipes
  6. This is can be a low cost item for your practice and can be helpful if they are customized. Here is a recipe I found on Facebook from the Heart Center at Boston Children’s Hospital that I tried and liked. If you click on the image below, you will see the actual post in Facebook. As you can see, 29 people Liked this post, which means that 29 people found it valuable and leaves a good impression of the hospital.

    Why not find some great recipes, share with your patients and on social media? For additional ways you can use social media to help your patients remain engaged, check out our blog, Social Media for the Medical Practice.


  7. Seasonal Greeting Card
  8. You do not need to mail greeting cards, but you can use a service like Constant Contact or MailChimp that will save you time, money, and let your patients know you are thinking of them. Using one of these services will allow you to send cards, newsletters and other notifications in bulk to your patient list.

    However, if you prefer to physically mail cards and your practice works closely with a charitable organization, you can order cards from Cards for Causes, which will provide a donation per card to your charity of choice. Notification of your donation to your specified charity will be imprinted at the bottom of each card, which lets your patients know you care about causes.

  9. Health Passport
  10. A Health Passport gives the patient confidence that they can travel and know that if they end up in an Emergency Room, their health information will be readily available for the health care team. Click the image below and check out the details of this Health Passport provided by the Adult Congenital Heart Association.

    As a congenital heart patient, this Passport makes me feel safe knowing that my health information is readily available should an emergency occur when I am not in my area.

    GLUE Customer Experience

In our next blog, we will provide the remaining five items of our GLUE Customer Experience series. What items do you use in your practice to increase patient engagement and loyalty? We would love to know. Share below in the comment area.

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