Notice from Imperial Premium Finance Services Regarding Covid-19

The following is for insureds who are financing their premiums through IPFS regarding New York State Department of Financial Services Consolidated Emergency Measure regarding Amendment to 3 NYCRR – 405 Premium Finance Agencies. 

In accordance with the New York guidance, each insured will receive information regarding their potential eligibility for payment deferrals and a hold on policy cancelations. The New York Department of Financial Services has advised that Excess and Surplus Lines policies and policyholders are not eligible for the payment relief as described in the order.  You may view the notification here:

In accordance with the Measure to obtain a short-term hold, the insured(s) must fill out an attestation form and submit the form to IPFS. The form can be found at The attestation form can be completed online, or printed, signed and returned via USPS mail to: IPFS of New York, LLC, 1055 Broadway, 11th Floor, Kansas City, MO, 64105. We will allow insureds up to 10 days to submit their attestation form. If the insured does not submit their attestation form within that time period, we will assume they are not requesting relief. If the insured qualifies for relief, their accounts will be adjusted accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.