How Reality TV Can Spark Passion In Your Practice


Passion for Your Practice

There are so many businesses out there that exist only to go after the almighty dollar and you get the feeling that the world is full of greed. Well, I believe there is more to business than just that. As a business owner, it’s wonderful to see your client’s eyes light up or hear the gratefulness in their voices when you’ve saved them money and provided them what they wanted and needed. This is what truly inspires me in my business.

All of this makes me wonder about physicians and what inspires them to continue in their practices. There’s a lot of doom and gloom coming from new government rules and regulations and this must be extremely difficult. But I am certain if doctors can see past this, they can make their practices shine so they can inspire their patients to help them get well and be excited about that.

Passion in the Treehouse Masters

I’m going out on a limb here (pun intended) to say I enjoy some reality shows. One show I enjoy is The Treehouse Masters. It’s exciting for me to see the enthusiasm in Pete Nelson’s voice as he meets with his new clients to discuss building their new tree house. Nope. It’s not the money the inspires Pete, but it’s pure joy he sees in his clients’ faces as they take the tour of their newly build tree house masterpiece. Throughout the show, I can see the same enthusiasm as he talks about the project with his riggers and carpenters in instructing them how to build their client’s dream. Of course, not all projects are the same. They are not your basic tree house. Pete’s clients want tree houses for recording studios, spas, and man caves and Pete goes beyond his clients’ desires and throws in some neat surprises, just because he wants to. That’s passion and I am inspired by that! Click here for a peek into Pete Nelson’s Treehouse Masters world.

Ideas to Spark Passion in Your Practice

So, let’s come back to your medical practice. How can you create enthusiasm in your office, not only for your patients but your employees as well? No. We are not talking about Patch Adams here, but I’m sure there are things you can find to create a better practice. Here are some ideas:

  • Put aside your laptop EHR system and listen and understand your patient’s background, history, complaints and reason for the patient visit. Listen for cues that might not be spoken, but seen through the patient’s eyes or movements.
  • Create a team effort. I know that as a patient, I work harder on my health goals when I have a “We’re in this together” feeling with my doctor and care team. Just this exhibits passion and shows that you and your practice care. Think back and deep into why you became a physician. Chances are, it’s not all about the money. Start using that forgotten inspiration in your practice today.
  • Follow-up. If a patient is really not well and you are concerned. Take the time to follow-up yourself and call. I can tell you that means boatloads to patients.

I hope this has given you some food for thought. What other ideas can you come up with? We’d love to know. Share them here in the comments section below.

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