Perron Insurance Claims History Service

Need to comply with a claims history requirement?

You’ll be required to provide a claims history report if you…

  • Apply for privileges at a hospital or other medical facility
  • Obtain malpractice and other insurance coverages
  • Team up with a physician group
  • Join a health plan

Doing it yourself is a hassle that involves:

  1. Knowing whom to contact
  2. Finding out where to send requests
  3. Following up with the right people at the right times until you obtain each report
  4. Waiting and hoping for timely responses

How our Claims History process works:

  • You simply complete our Release of Information Authorization form and then authorize payment.
  • Once we receive your completed Release form and Payment authorization, we will obtain your claims histories and notify you when they are available.
  • When payment is received, the claims histories are released to you immediately.

One easy step:

Download and fill out our claims history release form with your contact information & payment authorization, then send it back to us.

Affordable Rates!

# of Insurance
1 $200
2 – 4 $185 each
5+ $175 each

Do you represent a Hospital or Practice Group?

You can use our Claims History Service for your organization and any of its members.

For an individual, simply complete our simple 2-page form available by clicking the button below and we do all the rest! Call if you need claims histories for several physicians and other health care providers.

Whether you’re a physician in private practice, a group practice or hospital/clinic, we provide the most convenient claims history service available.

It’s our job to help doctors and practice managers.

Free yourself and your staff from the hassle of claims history compliance!

Download Claims History Form

Questions? Feel free to call us at (603) 926-1318 or inquire online.