Medical Malpractice Insurance Services

We care for and provide the best possible medical malpractice insurance coverage to protect your business and practice, much like you care for your patients’ health needs.

Extra Things We Do:

We advocate for you. Our clients are our priority, not any insurance carrier. Therefore, your best interests are ours. Some medical malpractice insurance brokers place business according to a volume target they need to reach with each carrier. We don’t work that way.

We save you time. We respect our client’s time as extremely valuable. Therefore, we do as much as possible to save you time, such as gathering claims histories and pre-populating applications. Most agents have clients fully complete their applications.

We understand that our job is to assess your situation and uncover the best solution. Most medical malpractice insurance brokers send in applications on behalf of their clients without fully understanding the client’s situation and uncovering ways to provide the best representation of that client. For example, if a client has claims, we will find out if there is a theme to those claims and find ways to reduce the risk of these claims from recurring. We do our best to prove that each client is insurable, and that each client gets the best possible coverage and rate based on their situation and circumstances.

To learn about valuable, specialized insurance services for doctors and their medical practices, contact us online or at (603) 926-1318.