Social Media Guide for Physicians

Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation

Social Media Guide for Physicians

by Kevin Pho, MD


Why Use Social Media?

Through social media, we all can connect with our friends, family, and business associates – practically whomever we wish, in new ways that few even considered twenty years ago. Social media connects us in real-time and allows us to share incredible volumes of information freely online.

Our Review

Establishing, Managing and Protecting Your Online Reputation by Kevin Pho, MD and Susan Gay is a book that proves how physicians too are blessed with the ability to connect with their peers internationally, partake in online conferences and chats and, most importantly, communicate and interact with their patients in new ways. Once physicians embrace these technologies, social media can enhance their practices and open doors to new opportunities, not otherwise realized.

Today, there is an increasing number of websites and platforms where physicians’ reputations are being built, whether they are aware of it or not. Although physicians spend an excessive amount of time studying complicated medical textbooks and journals, this book is a fast, easy read. It presents itself as a 290 page, an enjoyable guide filled with researched facts, true stories, and online best practices proven to work.

Physicians can no longer view social media as merely a way to connect with family and friends. This book can set doctors and their staffs on the right course for managing online reputations and also growing their medical practice business!

What You Can Do

If you’re a physician (or any other type of professional), Google your name and see what comes up. Do you show up at all? Is the content flattering and complimentary, or can you spot embarrassing facts and false information? Today’s patients go to Google first to learn about their doctors’ reputations. And guess what? The search engines found social media content, so beware!

Authors Kevin Pho, MD, and Susan Gay make a strong case that physicians must be proactive and no longer stand on the sidelines allowing patients and others to post inaccurate or damaging information about them. The authors worked diligently to seek out their peers and elicit their online experiences for us, which are sprinkled throughout the text. Also, they have done an excellent job researching social media platforms and websites, using their analyses to provide readers with the best tools available. As the subtitle suggests, this is a guidebook where readers can follow the step-by-step instructions laid out to create or enhance their online presence. Physicians and others will learn the best practices for each social media platform.

In summary, Dr. Pho and Susan Gay teach us why a good social media offense is an excellent social media defense.

As medical professional liability insurance advisors, Perron Insurance Services appreciates the discussion about the need for posting disclaimers, creating and adhering to a Social Media Policy, and honoring HIPAA compliance.

Download Free Healthcare Social Media Policy

As a bonus to this blog, our colleagues at Symplur, have provided us with a link to their Social Media Policy. We encourage and recommend you use this as a guide for your practice’s needs! Thank you, Symplur!

 Social Media Policy for Physicians and Staff


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