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Robert Pearl: Medical malpractice in the age of AI: Who will bear the blame?

June 10, 2024

via by Robert Pearl  | May 30, 2024 More than two-thirds of U.S. physicians have changed their minds about generative artificial intelligence and now view the technology as beneficial to health care. But as AI grows more powerful and prevalent in medicine, apprehensions remain high among medical professionals. For the last… Read More »

Cybersecurity in Healthcare: How to Protect Patient Data

via Physicians Practice by Grant Gibson | January 24, 2023

The healthcare sector experienced the highest average data breach cost of any industry in 2022. With Cybersecurity attacks on the rise across the U.S., the next potential threat an organization faces could be moments away. By the third quarter of 2022, average weekly attacks per business worldwide reached over 1,130. While… Read More »

How An Independent Practice Recovered from a Third-Party Ransomware Attack

via Health IT Security by Jill McKeon | January 24, 2023

A NC-based family physician shares lessons learned after his independent practice was collateral damage in a third-party ransomware attack originating at a cloud provider. January 24, 2023 – When Ed Bujold, MD, FAAFP, of Granite Falls Family Medical Care Center in North Carolina, found out in October 2021 that his practice had… Read More »

Small Practice Security Risks on the Rise: How to Fight Back

via Physicians Practice by Lee BarrettMichael ParisiThe Fox Group, LLC | January 6, 2023

Hackers aren’t only targeting large health systems anymore. Medical practices all over the country are struggling with a truly thorny issue: the risk of a cybersecurity attack. In the past, breaches were less of a concern for smaller practices; hackers seemed content to target large health systems. Unfortunately for those… Read More »